Signé Sarah : Redéfinir l'industrie des bas collants avec une approche éco-responsable

Signé Sarah: Redefining Hosiery with an Eco-Conscious Approach

Signé Sarah: Redefining Hosiery with an Eco-Conscious Approach

Welcome to the Signé Sarah blog! We're excited to share our commitment to sustainability and how we're making a positive impact on the environment throughout our entire operation, from production to delivery. As a Montreal-based company founded by Sarah Herscheid, we believe in creating beautiful and durable hosiery while prioritizing the well-being of our planet. Join us as we delve into the various ways in which Signé Sarah promotes environmental responsibility.

Green Delivery: Driving Towards a Greener Future

At Signé Sarah, we take pride in our local deliveries that contribute to a greener future. We've embraced the use of our 100% electric vehicle to ensure that our transportation leaves behind minimal carbon footprint. By choosing an electric vehicle, we're actively reducing harmful emissions and playing our part in improving air quality in our beloved city of Montreal. This eco-conscious approach aligns with our core values and sets an example for other businesses to follow suit.

Plastic-Free Wrapping: Redefining Packaging Sustainability

Unlike many hosiery companies, we are committed to going plastic-free with our packaging. We believe that sustainable choices start with responsible packaging. Instead of using plastic materials, we opt for environmentally friendly alternatives such as paper-based wrapping. This way, our packaging is easily recyclable, reducing waste and minimizing the impact on the environment. By choosing Signé Sarah, customers can trust that their tights arrive wrapped in a way that's kind to both fashion and the planet.

Combatting Tights Pollution: Introducing Unbreakable Tights

We recognized a significant issue with the traditional hosiery industry - the staggering amount of disposable tights wrapped in plastic packaging that end up polluting our environment. As part of our mission to create a sustainable future, we've developed our innovative solution: unbreakable tights. Our tights are designed to be durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements and the associated plastic waste. By choosing Signé Sarah's unbreakable tights, our customers become active contributors in the fight against tights pollution.


We invite you to join us on this journey of conscious consumption. By supporting Signé Sarah, you not only invest in high-quality, long-lasting tights but also become a partner in our efforts to protect the environment. Together, we can set a positive example for the hosiery industry and inspire others to embrace sustainable practices.

Thank you for being a part of our sustainability story. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we continue to innovate and create positive change in the world of hosiery.