Tights for our pregnant ladies - A Comfortable, Semi-Opaque, durable and semi sheer Formula!

Get a satin scrunchy for FREE with every pair of tights!

Size Charts:

S: (Height: 5'1 -5'4)/(Hip Width: 33'-39')

M: (Height: 5'3 - 5'7)/(Hip Width: 37'-41')

L: (Height: 5'5 - 5'8)/(Hip Width: 41'-46')

XL: (Height: 5'6-5'10)/(Hip Width: 46'-50')

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Frequently asked Questions

What is the difference between Deluxe Ripstop, Prima & Classic tights?


Features Deluxe Ripstop Tights Classic Tights

Prima tights

Resistance Excellent Good Good
Transparency Semi-opaque Semi-opaque Transparent
Available colours Black, Nude Black, Nude Black, Nude
Technology Anti-tear Resistant Durable, not tear proof
Shorts effect No Yes (see photo under the product) No
Comfortable waist Very Very Very
Feel Soft Soft Soft
Elasticity High High Average
Cotton gusset Yes Yes Yes
Popularity top rated seller Good
Recommended for Maximum resistance, Luxury Style, Durability Transparency, Comfort
Cleaning Wash at low temperature or by hand. Do not use bleach or dryer. Do not iron Wash at low temperature or by hand. Do not use bleach or dryer. Do not iron Wash at low temperature or by hand. Do not use bleach or dryer. Do not iron


How long do Deluxe Tear-Proof Tights last?

The lifespan of your tights depends on how often you wear them. Although our tights are some of the strongest on the market, they are still a thin knit and can be damaged if a sharp object pierces the knit. In general, if the damage is small, it can be put back in place by pulling on each side of the fabric so that your tights are as good as new! It is recommended to pay attention to Velcro, which is the number one enemy of all types of tights.

My size is no longer available, what should I do?

We are doing everything we can to quickly replenish our stock! If the size you are looking for is no longer available online, sign up for our newsletter below. You will receive a notification as soon as we restock our inventory! 🔔

What size should I take?

At Signé Sarah, we have made choosing the ideal size easier by focusing on two main measurements:your height and the width of your hips.The size chart is easily accessible under each product to guide you in your selection. When determining your size, always choose the size that corresponds to the highest value in terms of height or the width of your hips (the widest part).